About Us


Blanc Wok is a series of brand new cookware free of Polytetrafluoroetylene (PTFE). Not only should our food be fresh and nutritious, but also be cooked in the appropriate cookware. All of the Blanc Wok cookware products make absolute commitment towards your health and environment protection with even better cooking enjoyment.

We are devoted to develop cookware, which is clean, hygienic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, healthy, easy-to-clean, durable, and most importantly, elevating your cooking skills!


Switch from dark to white

A trend is emerging globally where dark cooking pans are fast being replaced with white pans and woks. This trend is something beyond being the fashion, but more importantly due to health consciousness, safety, reduced energy consumption during cooking.

"Blanc" is the French word for "white". White "nano-ceramic" cookware is the new wave surging globally in achieving truly healthy cooking. Blanc woks and cookware is designed as the new alternative to resolve problems that have long existed in the cooking pan industry – the use of chemical non-stick material in pans, woks and other cookware.

Most current coatings for non-stick cookware are derived from a plastic material with extremely low co-efficiency of friction so that nothing sticks on it. It has become the material of choice for all non-stick cooking implements. However, this non-stick coating material is highly toxic and carcinogenic under excessive overheating, and most cooking utensils are dyed dark as a concealment of this potential health hazard!


Healthy Cooking begins with Safe Cookware

Blanc’s “nano-ceramic” cookware is about building up a better concept of food safety and hygiene. White is clean and clear and any dirt is clearly visible. In addition, Blanc woks use eco-friendly nano-ceramic materials, as opposed to the chemical non-stick material derived from crude oil. It provides better cooking effect with its far-infrared heat. For instance, foods cooked in white Blanc woks are more tasty and juicy. Steaks are also more tender and moist. Besides, it keeps nutrition better as it requires low to medium heat for cooking, which reduces cooking time by at least 1/3! Its low-smoke nature is better for you and your family’s health too.

It just makes life much easier and healthier.