Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the prices of the Blanc cookware?

A: Please visit this link.

Q: Where can I find the Blanc cookware?

A: Please visit this link.

Q: What colours do you offer?

A: Please check out the colours availability here.

Q: what are the characteristics of the Blanc cookwares?

A: 1. preserve food nutrition, water and freshness
    2. less cooking fumes
    3. safe & non-toxic
    4. keep cooking hygiene
    5. non-sticky, very easy to clean
    6. fast cooking, saving time

Q: What is ceramic? What characteristics does it have?

A: Ceramic is the traditional cooking utensils with high heat storage. Nano-ceramic

even features non-sticky and easy to clean.

Q: Please describe the usage of Blanc cookware.

A: Nano-ceramic smooths the cooking surface, it becomes non-sticky with just little oil.

Q: Please explain the usage of far infrared in Blanc cookware.

A: Heat can penetrate food via far infrared. This reduces the cooking time and hence preserves the water and nutrition of the food.

Q: Why is Blanc eco-friendly?

A: The production of Nano-ceramic only requires less energy. It reduces cooking time and less energy is used.

Q: What is the metal in the middle?

A: The metal in the middle is thick aluminum. It helps transmitting heat faster.

Q: Is Blanc wok a new product?

A: Blanc is the first cookware in white in the world.

Q: Is it sticky?

A: Simply follow the user instructions to swipe some oil on it before use and add some oil before using it every time, it will not be sticky.

Q: May I not add oil when cooking?

A: You need to add some oil to prevent the wok burnt.

Q: Should I add oil when the cookware is hot or cold?

A: You can add oil in both cases.

Q: Do the cookware bundle wok cover? What is it made of?

A: Yes for Chinese wok, no for fry pan. The wok cover is made of glass.

Q: Where are the cookware made of?

A: Blanc cookwares are made in Korea and China.

Q: Which flame should I use?

A: It is recommended that you use low or medium flame.

Q: Can Blanc cookwares be used on induction cookers?

A:  Yes.

Q: Will Blanc cookwares be chipped? Will they have scratches?

A: Please follow the Use & Care instructions in the "Pocket Guide" to handle the cookwares. They may have scratches

Q: Is there any warranty?

A: We provide 1 year limited warranty

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: Please refer to the "Pocket Guide".