Hints & Tips


Wash the pan with warm water before cooking for the first time, then rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft dishtowel. Pre-condition the cookware by applying a small amount of cooking oil on the white ceramic surface, and then wipe off the excess with a paper towel.




If you use your Blanc cookware in accordance with this user guide, not only will you keep your cooking surface clean, but you will also preserve the nutrition of the food and achieve healthy cooking. It is normal and natural that the white color of the nano-ceramic surface will slightly darken after long cycle of use.


Always apply a small amount of cooking oil when you start cooking. Unless the food contains a high amount of fat, such as goose liver or pork belly, applying cooking oil is highly recommended for avoiding dry-burning of the ceramic layer. Excessive heat without any oil or water may result in staining the cooking surface.
Blanc nano ceramic heats so evenly that using low to medium heat is recommended to give you the best cooking effect. Continuous high heat will result in burnt food, losing nutritional value of the food, causing the food to stick to the cookware and may discolor the cooking surface.
Select a burner size that matches the diameter of the Blanc nano ceramic cookware. The burner surface should be of similar size as, or preferably smaller than, the corresponding diameter of the cookware in use. When cooking with a gas burner, make sure to adjust the flame so it does not extend up the sides of the cookware.
We recommend using only plastic or wooden utensils in your Blanc nano ceramic cookware to maintain its appearance and performance. Avoid using sharp-edge metal utensils such as forks, knives, mashers or whisks to prevent scratching or chipping of the cooking surface. Refrain completely from cutting food in the cookware.
When finished cooking, remove the Blanc nano ceramic cookware from the burner or stove, and soak with warm water immediately for best washing effect. Leaving it on the burner may cause the cookware to continue absorbing the heat, and could result in staining the pan. Never leave the Blanc nano ceramic cookware empty over a hot burner, which will result in ruining the cookware and damaging the stovetop.



Always wash the Blanc nano ceramic cookware thoroughly after each use to remove all traces of food residues or grease particles that may cause stains on the cooking surface.
Use of dishcloth or sponge with warm water is adequate for cleaning all Blanc nano ceramic cookware. Soft abrasive cleaning pads and detergents are only required for stubborn spots. To remove burnt and dried-on foods, soak your cookware in hot water before washing. Do not use steel wool or other metal cleaning pads that can scratch the ceramic surface, and affect the appearance and performance of the cookware.
Blanc nano ceramic is dishwasher safe.


Do not immerse the pan in water for long periods of time. After washing, rinse thoroughly and dry immediately. Keep the cookware dry when not in use.
Use care when you store your Blanc nano ceramic cookware in cabinets or drawers. Do not put or stack hard objects (such as other pans) on the nano ceramic cooking surface. Careless stacking and crowding may scratch your Blanc nano ceramic cookware surface.
Minor scratches will not affect the function and safety of Blanc nano ceramic cookware.
Do not overfill the cookware. Spillage of hot food or liquids may cause scalding or damage or your stovetop.
Do not use the cookware in microwave ovens.
Do not leave cooking food unattended or leave an empty cookware on a hot burner or allow it to boil dry. It may damage the nano ceramic or impair the cookware’s performance.
Use oven gloves when cooking. Do not touch hot surfaces.
Do not store the cookware when wet.
Keep the cookware out of children’s reach.

Blanc cookware is finished with a special nano ceramic that develops a glass-like appearance. If the cookware is treated carelessly or dropped, the ceramic surface may chip.
Ceramic on the rim
The ceramic finish on the rim of the cookware may appear uneven, but this is the natural result of the manufacturing process, which is performed by hand. Please be assured that this does not affect the functionality or efficiency of the cookware.