Lisa Leong  Anna Phua   Pang Nyuk Yoon  Irene Tan 
I am extremely pleased with this Blanc cookware. The cookware is very affordable, especially when you think about how durable it is. The cookware has a non-toxic nano-ceramic glazed surface, so the cookware is safe and good for us. The Blanc cookware is easy to clean, heats up quickly, doesn't stick, reduces cooking time and uses less energy. It cooks up extremely tasty food as its cooking method enhances the food flavours and cooking experience. I highly recommend the Blanc cookware! I am very particular about healthy cooking. After using Blanc nano-ceramic cookware, I find that with very little oil and low heat, the food stays fresh and can retain nutrition and original taste. It is very convenient and energy-saving. On top of that, the unique and fashionable design is very suitable for modern home today.

I like the Blanc cookware because I use less oil and save time when cooking. Chicken is juicy and tender as you just need to cook with low heat. Frying curry paste and sambal with a little oil does not cause it to stick to the pot anymore. Cleaning the Blanc cookware is a breeze, you can just wipe it clean with a wet kitchen towel, thus saving you time, water and detergent. I would recommend the Blanc cookware to my family and friends.

This nano-ceramic baking tray is indeed a versatile kitchen utensil. Not only can it be used to bake cookies but it can also double up a s a casserole dish to cook seafood, cheese baked rice, fish and poultry as well. Because of its height, it is also suitable for baking cakes. Cleaning the pan is also eas; simply wipe it with a damp sponge and it is as good as new!

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